Scope & Topic

Scope and topic of SCDM 2022 are as follows (but not limited to):

Soft Computing Data Mining Data Science
Ambient intelligence
Ant and bee colonies
Artificial immune systems
Bio inspired computing
Case based reasoning
Computational Statistics
Evolutionary computing
Fuzzy set theory
Genetic algorithms
Grey set theory
Hybrid intelligent systems
Immunological computing
Intelligent systems
Machine learning
Nature inspired computing
Neural networks
Rough set theory
Statistical computing
Support vector machines
Swarm intelligence
Soft set theory
Uncertainty analysis
Association rules
Big data
Data cleaning
Data integration
Data mining algorithms
Data mining in medical informatics
Data mining systems in finance, sciences, retail, e-commerce
Dimensionality reduction
Disaster prediction and management
Educational data mining,
Enterprise and business data management
Feature selection and data cleansing
Financial market analysis
Information retrieval
Knowledge acquisition & management
Knowledge-based and expert systems
Large-scale data mining
Outlier analysis
Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
Statistics for intelligent data analysis
Visual data mining.
Data Algorithm
Data Analytics
Descriptive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Business Intelligence
Batch processing
Cloud computing
Cluster computing
Dark Data
Data Scientist
Operations Research
Graph Database
Stream processing
Deep Learning
Structured vs Unstructured Data